How to Resize Boot Partition on 2003 Server for Free?

Resize boot partition Windows 2003 server with Partition Magic Server


Working on Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, Partition Magic Server Program does everything you'd probably need a partition tool to do, and does it on 32 and 64-bit systems.Partition Magic Server is able to resize boot partition Windows 2003 Server easily and keep your system and data untouched. You just need to drag and move on the disk map to shrink an existing data partition to get some Unallocated space, and then extend the boot partition with this space. No reinstallation, delete, format partitions are required. It is really a handy program to maximize the disk space of your server for personal storage preference and make changes as you want. Free download the Trail and follow the step by step instructions to resize boot partition on your Windows server 2003.




STEP 1: Download Free and install the partition magic server on your Window server 2003


  •  STEP 2: Launch the program – to extend one partition, you need to get free space from other partition, so choose the partition that you want to get free space from, and go to “Move/Resize Partition” to shrink space.

get unallocated space from other partition



STEP 3: See the unallocated space get close to the boot

unallocated free space


STEP 4: Right click the boot partition, select “Move/Resize” to extend

extend server 2003


STEP 5: Click “Apply” to apply all changes and then your system partition would be expanded. 







Partition Magic Free
If you just need to resize boot partition on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Partition Magic Free opens up all features to manage your hard disk and partition for free, like resize/move partition, create/delete partition, merge/split partition, copy/delete partition, etc. while if you want to resize boot partition server 2003 for free with partition magic free, you need to remove the disk from the server 2003 and connect it to PCs to do all operations. It sounds a little ridiculous to resize boot partition on server 2003 like that, so here we will introduce you cost-effective server partition manager to resize boot partition on 2003 server easily without data loss.


Boot partition running out of space


Pre-configured Windows 2003 server are commonly built a very small boot partition for pre-installed OS, we always noticed many server users are looking for the solution for low disk space problem on boot partition of Windows 2003 server. So is there any easy and safe way to help resize boot partition Windows 2003 server without data loss?   

Hello, I'm trying to resize the boot partition in server 2003.  I have a 70 GB drive with the C: Limited to 10GB (stupid i know).  Aparantly disk part wont do it.  I have read a lot of people saying that Norton Partition Magic will do the task (we have the 2003 version).  However I'm not sure how this will help me resize the partition?

Any help would be apprciated.


Yes, the limitation of diskpart.exe built-in Windows 2003 server cannot do a favor in this case; also, regretfully, Norton Partition Magic is already stopped upgraded and only supports system before Windows 2000. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you another cost-effective server partition manager to resize boot partition on server 2003 easily and safely.

Make a backup for your Windows 2003 server

Before we go to the instructions of resizing boot partition on server 2003, be sure to back up your server 2003 first. The security and stability undoubtly are the most important for Server computers since a Server computer usually stores the most important classified and daily-used files, and no matter whether to resize boot partition on server, it is always a good habit to make a backup for your server. You know, even a slight error on Server computer might directly leads to boot failure. Therefore, choosing an right server partition manager program to resize boot partition on your Windows 2003 Server is also highly concerned.

The partition magic server program we recommeded here gives you double protection when you are resizing boot partition on server 2003, that is, firstly, it enables you to copy both disk and partition to backup your server 2003; then when you go to resize boot partition, its unique Enhanced Data Protection technology will ensure your data security during the whole operation even in case of computer failure.



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