Partition Magic Server Free for Server 2003 Partition Management


Step by step tutorial to extend c drive on Server 2003


Preparation: be free to download the free version of Partition Magic Server trial which will let you resize server 2003 to manage your disk partitions. For resizing any partition, you should right click it and then make it larger or smaller. Extending any disk partition space on server 2003 relies on free partition space, which you may create them from other large partitions by shrinking it without data loss with this program.




1. Launch Partition Magic Server, right click the data partition that behind the system partition, and choose Resize/Move to make free disk space for redistribution on Server 2003 disk.

get unallocated space from other partition


2. Drag the partition rightwards to produce free disk space for redistribution


shrink the data partition


3. Resize/Move the system partition with the unallocated space. You will be extending server system partition here.


extend server 2003


4. Click "Apply".


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Some people try to find Partition Magic Server Free, but all third-party partition magic server software available is not free, while you can remove the disk from the server and connect it to PC, and then use the free PC edition to manage the partition, if that does not trouble you a lot.


Server partition management maximize server 2003 performance


We all know good partition management maximizes Server 2003/2008 and PCs' performance. So for better administration and space management of the servers and PCs, users like create or divide their hard disk into separate partitions and allocate the space for different purpose, say, one partition for the Operating System, and others for data storage. The process actually proves to be helpful in terms of security control and resource management. But the question is that many users always find out the partitions they make is either too large or not enough; even they considered it very carefully before creating them. How to reallocate the space if falling into the situation? To format and recreate new partitions is very challenging in this respect.


Partition Magic Server Alternatives

So Partition Magic? Well, originally made by PowerQuest corporation and the first and most famous hard drive partitioning program once it was, unfortunately, stopped upgraded and offering to the market since 2009. Although it can also help you resize and modify existing partitions, but only limited to Windows 2000 and XP, not working with the later Operating System like Window server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, Windows 7. That is, if you are looking for one partition magic server for windows 2003/2008 server partition management, Partition Magic provided by Norton is not the choice. But if you insist to use Partition Magic Free, you can remove the disk from the server and connect it to the PC that it works with to resize or recreate partition.

Alternatively, now we can find several partitions magic server to perform advanced 2003 Server disk layout operations, like Acronis Disk Manager, Paragon Partition Manager, Partition Magic, Partition Magic, Partition manager, etc. Besides all features of Partition Magic like Resize and Move partitions, Create, Delete and Format partitions, Hide and Unhide partitions and change active/boot partitions on Windows 2000/XP, these Partition Magic Server alternatives gradually improve and add exciting new capabilities like Windows server 2003/server 2008 support, Dynamic Disk and GPT disk support.


Providing powerful partition and hard disk management, these Partition Magic Server managers not only ensure your server 2003 running efficiently, but also minimize downtime for server maintenance and enhance disk performance.


How to manage Windows Server 2003 disk or partition with Partition Magic Server?


So whenever you suffer the problem of low disk space warning, or wanting to create, merge, delete new partition on your Window server 2003, you can turn to these Partition Magic Server Alternatives to make your server go normal quickly. For step by step tutorials for Windows server 2003 partition management with Partition Magic Server, you can refer to " Resize System Partition on Server 2003 with Partition Magic Free"



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