How to Extend C Drive on Windows Server 2003 with Partition Magic Free


Some people try to find Partition Magic Server Free, but all third-party partition magic server software available is not free, while you can remove the disk from the server and connect it to PC, and then use the free PC edition to extend c drive partition, if that does not trouble you a lot.

Step by step tutorial to extend c drive on Server 2003



Download Free to extend c volume


1. Launch Partition Magic Server, right click the data partition that behind the system partition, and choose Resize/Move.

get unallocated space from other partition


2. Drag the partition rightwards


extend server 2003


3. Resize/Move the system partition with the unallocated space.




4. Click "Apply".





C drive running low on Windows server 2003


We all know how important the Windows server it is for the one company or organization's data management and maintenance, and Windows server 2003, with its good performance, is still the main server widely used in the market. But we all also know that nothing is perfect, Windows server 2003 does bring much convenience in this digital information time since its appearance, while with more and more data input or exchanged nowadays, we always encounter the problems like c drive run out of space. That is why we always come to the question in the forum like How to extend c drive on Windows server 2003 easily?


My C drive is running low on space on my 2003 server. The HD has 55GB free
I tried using DISKPART to try and extend the C drive from 12GB to 30GB, but
I failed, is there a way to extend c drive on server 2003?


Way to extend c drive on Windows server 2003


As Windows Server 2003 doesn’t have extend-feature like Windows 2008, is there a way to extend c drive on Windows server 2003? Diskpart is command line provided by Microsoft, but it is not easy for many users due to its no GUI operation and the limitation of unallocated space required behind the system partition; Some highly recommend considering Ghosting the present disk to a new one, that is, extend c drive by doing a partition to partition ghost, which is time consuming; some suggest to reinstall the operation system with larger c drive size, etc. while considering the role of the server at its role, it is not a good idea for a server 2003 to reinstall, instead, directly extend c drive on Windows server 2003 will be the first choice to reduce the downtimes and ensure the production.
Well, someone may suggest extending c drive with partition magic, we all know partition magic, right? As the first third-party partition tool in the market, partition magic, regretfully, did not update for a long time. But now there are many partition magic server tools available, like Acronis Disk Director, Paragon Partition Manager, EASEUS Partition Master, and Partition Magic. Here, we will introduce you the steps to extend c drive on Windows server 2003 with Partition Magic Server.


Partition Magic Server - Partition Magic Server for Windows 2003 Server


Partition Magic Server, like most partition magic server software, can help you resize c drive on Windows 2003 easily when it comes to some disk low space problems. While compare to other partition magic server alternatives, it stands out to full protect your data even if power off or hardware problem occurred, no data loss if you reboot the computer.
In addition, two features listed below also highlight this software for server partition management:
1. It provides snapshot feature, even if power off when you resizing the partitions, Windows will not crash.
2. If the system partition is NTFS, you can extend the partition without rebooting. It is especially useful for Server users