How to Merge Partition without Reinstalling Windows 2003 Server

Step by step tutorials to merge server 2003 partitions

Download the free trial now and refer to the detailed instructions below to merge partitions on Windows server 2003.


Download Free to merge partitions on Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008

  • STEP 1: Launch Partition Magic Server program; get unallocated space from other partition
    Suppose we need to merge partition C and partition D on Disk 2.
    extend server 2003
    The screenshot shows the size of partition C and partition D is 33.43G and 27.43G;

  •  STEP 2: select partition C and choose extend to get space included in C;

STEP 3: Apply the operation.


Merge server 2003 partition with Partition Magic Freeware

Partition Magic Free is a free partition magic software that can help manage the partition like merge partition on Windows with system 2000/XP/Vista/7/8. It does not support Windows server systems, while if you want to manage server partition with partition this partition magic freeware, you can remove the server disk from the server and connect it to PCs. To merge partiiton in this way, you need enough time and patience for this, it is not recommended. Instead, in this article, we will introduce you cost-effective Partition Magic Server to merge partition in Window 2003 server easily and without reinstalling the server.

Merge server 2003 partition for good partition management
Merging partition is very common partition-management operation seen in maintaining server disk partition structure, it is mainly used to merge two standalone partitions into one partition especially in the case of rebundant partitions or (system) partition running out of space, where you want to add more free space to the full partition or just for a better disk partition management. And most server users who have rich experience of disk partition management know merging partition is the best method for solving the such kind problem of unreasonable partition state. So how to merge partition in Server 2003 easily and without reinstalling the server?

Merge server 2003 partition with Partition Magic Server
Under Windows server 2003, we know its built-in diskpart.exe command can help do some partition management, while you can't *merge* 2 partitions directly using diskpart, instead of resizing partitions. However, third-party Partition Magic Server program enables you to merge server 2003 partition directly without reinstalling the server.
Partition magic server is a comprehensive Windows Server partition manager to get your hard disk(s) all sliced up in the chunks you need, and minimize server downtime and increase the efficiency of Windows-based system administration. With intuitive interface, you just need to one-click the “Merge” in its toolbar, merging partitions can be achieved like a magic.

Partition & data full protected
Meanwhile, it builts in enhanced data protecting technology to ensure your partitions and data not to be damaged in case of blue screen, hard disk failure, shutdown or system crash, so you don't have to worry about your data safety during merging partition in Windows server 2003.

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