How to Recover Deleted Partition with Partition Magic Free?

Restore lost partition with Freeware

It may happen that you delete your partition by mistake, lost partition due to partition table damaged, or just unable to locate your partition. What can you do? Recover it together with its lost data with Free partiiton magic - Partition Magic.

How to locate Partition Recovery Wizard?

Partition Recovery Wizard is a recovery provided by Partition Magic, which you may access through the following:

Built in Copy Partition feature, there are three ways to start this feature to copy partition:

  1. Click Partition Recovery under Disk Operations in the Action Panel.
  2. Click on Wizard in the top menu, then select Partition Recovery Wizard from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on Disk in the top menu, then select Partition Recovery from the drop down menu.

Step by step tutorials to recover deleted partitions

Download the free trial now and refer to the detailed instructions below to do partiton recovery..


Download Free to recover lost partition on Windows XP, Vista, 7

Download Free to recover lost partition on Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008

STEP 1: Download Free and install the program

STEP 2: Launch the program. Select the disk you would like Partition Recovery Wizard to scan for lost partitions.

STEP 3: Set the scanning method: Full Disk, Unallocated Space, or Specified Range (Full disk means it would select the whole disk to recover lost partitions, which you may lose not only for now, but every possible lost partitions, if you are the first time and did not know how your partition got lost, then be free to use Full Disk to recover lost partitions; Unallocated space - the space that has partition but now is unallocated; Specified Range - when you know where your partition located and get lost, you can use this one to recover lost partition)


STEP 4: Set the scanning method: Quick Scan or Full Scan

scan method

STEP 5: Choose the recovered partition that you lost with the matched size, file system type, etc.


After scanning, select the partitions you would like to recover from the list. Here, you should not only select the lost partitions but also the complete present partitions, then click the button Finish. MiniTool Partition Magic will rebuild a partition table for the chosen partitions.


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