Free to Extend System C: Partition

Free Partition Magic Software to Extend C

We would like to show you how this c drive space can be fixed without disk reformat or OS reinstall. You can use some free software to get this fixed. Partition Magic freeware would be instroduced in the tutorial.


Download IM-Magic Resizer Free to extend Windows XP, Vista, 7

Download IM-Magic Resizer Server to extend Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008

Tips: RAID supported, be free to add new disk to your RAID and then resize C

  • STEP 1: Download Free Partition Magic Software.
  •  STEP 2: Launch Partition Magic Free, get free space from other partition, so choose the partition that you want to get free space from, and go to “Move/Resize Partition” to shrink space;

get unallocated space from other partition

STEP 3: See the unallocated space get close to the system drive

unallocated free space

STEP 4: Right click the partition you want to extend, select “Move/Resize” to extend

extend server 2003

STEP 5: Click “Apply” to apply all changes and then your system partition would be expanded.


C drive running out of space problem

C drive: usually considered or labled as the first partition on your hard disk drive and which is always associated with system drive since most often we install system OS on this partition.

Low disk space: when your system is running our of space, it would warn you some altert: low memory, or drive running of space, please close some of your applications to save memory.

Users that have such low disk space problems on their system partition:

Help, my c drive is running out of space on C: drive which is the default Windows 7 OS files, can I clean my temporary files and then get ride of the low disk space?

My Dell laptop Inspiron 1420 is telling my that my system C: drive is full and I have used this laptop for around 4 years with 10GB c drive set as default by the first time I got the PC laptop. There are serveral applications installed and it has Windows XP isntalled. It won't allow me to take more apps on this drive. Please help me and any freeware is appriciated.

Hello, my SBS 2003 hard disk out of space on C drive. How can I help myself out of such c drive space problem? I do not want to reinstall 2003 or reformat disk. RAID 5 is on my 2003 system drive. Is there any free partition magic server to extend C?

Note: It is totally safe to get your system extended with system untouched. However please do not shut down your PC or server while the program is working.

If you are using external hard disk drive, the program also works on the external disk. Just connect it as external.