How to Increase Partition Size on Server 2003 with Partition Magic Server?


Tutorials to increase system partition of Windows server 2003


When you want to increase your server 2003 disk partition size, you need a server repartition software that let's you do this without losing data - IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server. With its intuitive interface, you just need to drag and move on the disk map to increase the partition size in Windows server 2003.


download Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Free


  • STEP 1: Download Free and install the partition magic server on your Window server 2003.


  •  STEP 2: Launch the program - right click the data partition that behind the system partition, and choose Resize/Move, drag the partition rightwards.


get unallocated space from other partition



STEP 3: See the unallocated space close to the boot partition.

unallocated free space


STEP 4: Right click the partition that you want to extend (C drive here), select “Move/Resize” to extend.

extend server 2011


STEP 5: Click “Apply” to apply all changes and then your boot partition would be extended. 




download Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Free



Partition Magic Free

We know Partition Magic Freeware enables you to manage disk partition like increase partition size on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 easily and safely; and if you want to take advantage of this freeware for your server partition management, you need to remove the disk from the server and connect it to PCs, if you do not mind to do like this. However, this article is going to introduce you a cost-effective Partition Magic Server program to increase partition size in Windows server 2003 without reinstallation.


Server 2003 partition running out of space

Just browsing through one forum, I just found an interesting phenomenon, many people are looking for a solution to low disk space problem in Windows server 2003:
Server 2003 out of disk space
Windows server 2003 low disk space
Low disk space sbs 2003
Running out of space on windows server 2003 r2 system partition
Exchange 2003 server running Windows 2003 that is running out of space on the boot partition
Windows server 2003 sp1 problem with low space on server drive
Got a message saying c: drive is running out of space. c drive full windows 2003 server system file and other files...


It is true that low disk space problem is not just for one or two computer users, most server users have the same confusion with it, especially for the low disk space on system partition, which will directly slow down the machine and have a bad influence on the server performance. You know how important a role the server plays in one company and organization, therefore, an easy and safe way to increase the (system) partition size of the server will give them a relief and maximize the server performance while ensuring the server production. How to increase partition size of server 2003 easily and without reinstallation?


Solution to increase partition size Windows server 2003 - Partition Magic Server
To increase partition size on Windows server 2003 easily and safely, especially for the system partition, third-party Partition Magic Server gives a clear advantage over it. It is an All-in-one  Windows Server partition manager and reliable disk management toolkit, which enables you to extend partition, resize partition, merge partition, create partition, delete partition, format partition, wipe partition, convert partition format, copy partition, hide partition, explore partition, change drive letter, etc.


Here we will take increasing C partition in Server 2003 with Partition Magic Server for example:


Tips before increasing server 2003 partition size
To avoid any unnecessary mistake and ensure a successful operation of increasing partition size, we need your attention to the following things:

1. Close all operating programs including anti-virus software and firewall.
2. Examine disk and disk files.
3. Defragment is recommended before increasing partition size.
4. Keep 5% to 10% free disk space so as to insure enough available free space for data exchange.
5. Backup important files to guarantee data in case of an emergency.
6. Be patient while increasing partition size and never forcibly close software or computer.
7. Never modify boot partition.


download Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Free




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